We can work with you to make your point of sale collateral standout. We have many sustainable and cost effective solutions to help promote your product.

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MousematInsert Countermat

Counter Mats / Mouse Pads

Counter mats / Mouse mats

Increase your sales by up-selling, cross-selling or increasing brand recognition at the point of sale. Use counter mats as a great alternative to bulky retail countertop display stands that take up space on the checkout counter.

Eamar Innovative Solutions will custom make a counter mat or mouse pad specifically to meet your requirements.

Made from Polypropylene or PVC, the counter mats are ideal for a retail counter with a non-glare, scratch resistant and highly durable surface. Our Polypropylene substrate also provides environmentally sustainable, antimicrobial and food safe properties.

Ranging in size from A2 to A5, advertising can be encapsulated for permanent items, have an open top or side to replace the insert, or be direct printed with your custom message.

Backing can be non-slip to prevent movement and can be made from coloured PVC or screen printed to perfectly match your brand colours.

Eamar Innovative Solutions has been helping New Zealand businesses find solutions for their marketing and promotional needs for over 30 years. With local manufacturing facilities in Auckland, we can offer the flexibility of small and large runs and quick turnaround times.

Speak to Eamar Innovative Solutions about making a customised promotional counter mat that will meet your requirements.

Point of SaleCounter Top Display

Countertop Display Stands

Countertop Display Stand

Some products just deserve attention. Make sure they get it with a custom made retail countertop display stand.

It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd these days but Eamar Innovative Solutions can help you do just that by creating a customised countertop display perfect for displaying your products at the point of sale.

We will manage the whole process for you – design and production. Or if you know the design you want, we’ll manufacture a high-quality, beautifully finished display stand for your products.

Made from Polypropylene, PVC, case board, or cardboard, your display stand can be custom printed with your branding, features and benefits so that it acts as a silent salesperson for your products.

Our Polypropylene & PVC substrates are particularly hardwearing and provides durability that will allow you to re-use the display stand time and time again. And our Polypropylene provides a sustainable, antimicrobial and food safe option.

With manufacturing facilities in Auckland, Eamar Innovative Solutions has the flexibility to produce small or large runs and can provide quick turnaround times.

Make the most of those impulse purchases at the checkout. Talk to Eamar Innovative Solutions today about your instore custom countertop display stands.

Price ticket holderWarehouse Labels

Price ticket wallets / Product labels

Price ticket wallets / Product labels

Do you need a solution for your product information and POS price display?

Eamar Innovative Solutions have been working with retailers to help them find solutions for their unique requirements.

Custom made clear PVC pockets have been a great solution for industries that need to hang their price tickets from their products, such as furniture or lighting.

Made to fit your specific price tickets, these price ticket holders can have single or multiple pockets dependent on your requirements.

With encapsulated price tickets and product information for permanent items, or an open top to replace the insert, the PVC is easy to clean allowing you to re-use these holders time and time again.

If you’re hanging these off a product, we can pre-drill holes for cable ties and add eyelets for durability and strength.

And if you’d like to align it to your branding, you could consider a coloured backing, or keep it clear so that your price ticket and product information makes the statement.

If standard price tickets aren’t working and you’re looking for alternative solutions, contact us today to discuss your options.


Shelf Wobblers & Accessories

Shelf Wobblers & Accessories

We don’t always have a lot of space to promote our products, which makes a shelf wobbler or shelf talker an ideal solution.

These long lasting, cost-effective display solutions help your product stand out from shelves, grabbing the customer’s attention at the point of sale.

Eamar Innovative Solutions custom designs your wobblers to meet your needs. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, wobblers can be printed with your specific message and imagery. This makes them an ideal solution for a short-term promotional campaign, or to bring attention to your products for the long-term.

And if you are after a completely unique shape, we can create a die-cut specifically for you.

Made from high grade PVC or recyclable Polypropylene substrates, your wobblers will be extremely durable, easy to clean, and provide constant flex and wobble.

The Polypropylene substrate option also provides recyclable, antimicrobial and food safe properties.

And if a shelf wobbler isn’t quite right for you, Eamar Innovative Solutions can design a display accessory specific to your requirements.

If you’re after a durable solution to bring attention to your products, give us a call to discuss your custom shelf wobbler or other display accessories.

Other SignageMagnetic Sleeve



If you need practical and innovative interior or temporary exterior signage, Eamar Innovative Solutions will customise a design specifically for you.

Specialising in cost-effective small format custom signage, common applications are health and safety signage, fence signs, exit signs, access signs, promotional signs or directional signs.

Manufactured from Polypropylene, PET, Corflute or Paylite board, Eamar Innovative Solutions can manufacture your custom printed signage at any size up to 2440 x 1220mm.

Depending on your application and durability requirements, we have a variety of thicknesses throughout the different materials available. And have environmentally sustainable options.

Our custom printing is UV stabilised, allowing the signs to be used in applications in the harsh NZ sun, such as building sites, parks and outdoor cafes, as well as interior applications in hospitality, retail and any other interior environment.

Eamar Innovative Solutions local manufacturing facilities means that you are not only supporting an NZ business, but they can also deliver on quick turnarounds and have the flexibility to do small runs.

Contact us to discuss the requirements for your signage and we’ll advise you on the best material.