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Log Book CoverBook Covers

Book & Diary Covers

Book Covers

Do your customers need added protection for log books, take 5 notebooks, diaries or other books? Are they in an industry that needs to carry notebooks, or sample books that suffer from a lot of wear and tear while they are on the road?

Create some branded book covers to help keep your business top of mind, while providing your customers with a functional solution they’ll appreciate.

Made from durable PVC, these book covers can be made to any size to fit one book, or to fit many books, keeping them together for easy access.

Custom printed with your logo or message, these heavy duty book covers will last a long time keeping your business top of mind with your customers for years to come.

Eamar Innovative Solutions has the design expertise to assist in creating the ideal solution for your requirements. And with local manufacturing facilities in Auckland, can support you with small or large runs and quick turnaround times.

Provide your customers with a functional and long-lasting protective book cover, while keeping your business in the forefront of their minds today. Contact us to discuss a design to suit you.

Card walletCounter Top Business card holder

Business Card Holder

Business card holders

We all know that business is about who you know, making your business contacts your biggest asset. So, we all need to make sure we protect those business cards and have them accessible and in order when you need them.

A business card holder is a slimline book that contains long lasting plastic pages to protect and store business cards.

These large wallets normally have the capacity for 96 or 48 cards, however Eamar Plastics can customise the number of pages according to your requirements.

Made from a coloured PVC outer and either frosty or clear PVC inner pockets, the Business Card holder can be printed with your logo or another message allowing you to be able to use these to promote your business.

They easily fit within a briefcase or bag making them portable and enabling you or your customers to take them with you while travelling.

Promote your business by giving your customers a branded Business Card Holder to protect the details of their biggest asset. Talk to us today about how we can help.

MousematInsert Countermat

Counter Mats / Mouse Pads

Counter mats / Mouse mats

Increase your sales by up-selling, cross-selling or increasing brand recognition at the point of sale. Use counter mats as a great alternative to bulky retail countertop display stands that take up space on the checkout counter.

Eamar Innovative Solutions will custom make a counter mat or mouse pad specifically to meet your requirements.

Made from Polypropylene or PVC, the counter mats are ideal for a retail counter with a non-glare, scratch resistant and highly durable surface. Our Polypropylene substrate also provides environmentally sustainable, antimicrobial and food safe properties.

Ranging in size from A2 to A5, advertising can be encapsulated for permanent items, have an open top or side to replace the insert, or be direct printed with your custom message.

Backing can be non-slip to prevent movement and can be made from coloured PVC or screen printed to perfectly match your brand colours.

Eamar Innovative Solutions has been helping New Zealand businesses find solutions for their marketing and promotional needs for over 30 years. With local manufacturing facilities in Auckland, we can offer the flexibility of small and large runs and quick turnaround times.

Speak to Eamar Innovative Solutions about making a customised promotional counter mat that will meet your requirements.

Custom Printed SatchelPP Document Wallet

Document Wallets

Document Wallets

Help your customers keep their important documents together by giving them a branded document wallet.

Commonly used in the travel and automotive industries, document wallets are a cost effective way of continually reminding your customer of your brand.

Made from durable PVC or Polypropylene, these document wallets will still be going strong for years to come, keeping your brand top of mind.

Eamar Innovative Solutions can custom make a document wallet specifically for your requirements.

With a variety of sizes available – A5, A4, A3, DLE, or a custom size, there are also a variety of colours available. Match the colour to your brand, or custom print your logo and message directly on to the wallet.

We can also include pockets on the inside for accessories such as business cards.

If you need your document wallet to have other properties, such as environmental sustainability, antimicrobial properties, or food safe certifications, then we have solutions for you.

Discuss your requirements with Eamar Innovative Solutions today and we’ll recommend a solution for you.

Id Holders

Lanyard Pockets

Lanyard Pockets

Lanyards and Lanyard pockets are a popular solution at conferences, concerts, events or for staff badges. They are a great solution for name badges and for ensuring that agendas are kept handy.

Eamar Innovative Solutions can manufacture lanyard pockets to your custom specifications.

Made from heavy duty, durable PVC, these pouches can be made in any size and in landscape or portrait orientation.

These economical lanyard pockets can be manufactured from clear PVC or with a coloured back and clear front. Custom printing allows you to brand with your logo or include a message. Insert a card or paper inside the pocket and your insert is now protected from damage.

Holes can be pre-punched in the pockets for use with plastic or metal clips, bead chains, retractable badge holders and single or double ended lanyards.

With local manufacturing, Eamar Innovative Solutions are able to offer small or large runs of these pockets.

We’ll help design a solution for your requirements. Contact us today to discuss.

Plastic CardsPolypropylene card holder

Plastic Cards

Plastic cards

Plastic cards can be a powerful marketing tool to keep your organisation top of mind with your clients, or a practical security solution that provides access to your facilities.

Whether it be a card for loyalty, membership, gift cards, staff access keys, promotions or any other requirement, Eamar Innovative Solutions can manufacture these to your custom requirements.

Available in a credit card size, key tag size or a custom size and shape, Eamar Innovative Solutions will work with you to design the card that fits your purpose.

We can personalise the cards with variable data, such as names, photos, numbers, bar code, magnetic strip, scratch offs, embossing and signature panels. And custom printing allows you to brand your card in line with your business.

Made from PVC, PET or Polypropylene, we can supply materials that are environmentally sustainable and provide longevity and durability.

Why not combine the plastic card with a lanyard and lanyard pocket to provide a further branding opportunity for your business.

If you want to utilise plastic cards to keep your business top of mind with your clients, contact us today to discuss a design that would suit you.

Custom Printed SatchelSatchel with Handle & Latches

Polypropylene Satchels

Polypropylene Satchels

Keep your collateral or loose pages together in a cost-effective satchel solution.

Eamar Innovative Solutions manufactures custom made polypropylene and PVC satchels that are commonly used as conference satchels, Safety Data sheet holders, product sample storage and Health and Safety satchels.

Whether you need A3, A4 or A5 size, or a custom size, Eamar will discuss your requirements and design a solution specifically for you.

Satchels can be self locking, or close with Polypropylene latches, Velcro dots, dome or magnetic closures to secure the flap and ensure that your documents remain safely and securely enclosed in the satchel.

These are usually supplied flat for assembly when required, saving on space and freight costs.

There is a range of colours available, and the satchel can be branded using full colour screen printing or digital printing techniques directly to the PP.

Accessories can be added to the satchels, such as moulded handles, business card or document pockets according to your requirements.

Eamar Innovative Solutions sources a polypropylene that is not only durable and easy to clean, but also provides sustainable, antimicrobial, and food safe properties.

Match the satchel with a set of tabs/indices and you can also convert the satchel into a file folder.

Contact us to discuss your requirements today.

Other SignageMagnetic Sleeve



If you need practical and innovative interior or temporary exterior signage, Eamar Innovative Solutions will customise a design specifically for you.

Specialising in cost-effective small format custom signage, common applications are health and safety signage, fence signs, exit signs, access signs, promotional signs or directional signs.

Manufactured from Polypropylene, PET, Corflute or Paylite board, Eamar Innovative Solutions can manufacture your custom printed signage at any size up to 2440 x 1220mm.

Depending on your application and durability requirements, we have a variety of thicknesses throughout the different materials available. And have environmentally sustainable options.

Our custom printing is UV stabilised, allowing the signs to be used in applications in the harsh NZ sun, such as building sites, parks and outdoor cafes, as well as interior applications in hospitality, retail and any other interior environment.

Eamar Innovative Solutions local manufacturing facilities means that you are not only supporting an NZ business, but they can also deliver on quick turnarounds and have the flexibility to do small runs.

Contact us to discuss the requirements for your signage and we’ll advise you on the best material.