Warehouse Labelling Solutions

Need durable hardwearing labelling solutions for your warehouse? Who doesn’t?

Eamar Innovative Solutions make pallet markers and other pallet labelling solutions to help keep your Warehouse in order.

Our pallet markers are manufactured from recyclable 1.4mm polypropylene. Ideal for identifying stock, & marking minimum re-order levels, these markers can be made to any length.

At 110mm wide, with a 90mm turnover, there is plenty of space for you to add stock names, numbers and minimum re-order levels. Add these using a label or write directly on the Polypropylene in permanent marker.

Eamar Innovative Solutions can also provide self-adhesive pockets with industrial adhesive for pallet racking labelling. Made from PET or PVC, they stick well and stay on a long time. The pocket allows you to change bin locations and stock descriptions easily for any bin at any time

Other product tags are also available to assist with easy identification of product. Made from Polypropylene or PVC, in any size, shape or colour.

Give Eamar Innovative Solutions a call to discuss your specific labelling requirements so we can find a solution for you.

Features & benefits

  • Durable pallet markers, adhesive pallet racking pockets and other product tags.
  • Add stock details using a label or directly with permanent marker.
  • Recyclable Polypropylene.
  • Flexibility to change bin locations and stock descriptions easily.
  • Available in any size, shape or colour.

Product enquiry

Product Enquiry