Book & Diary Covers

Book Covers

Do your customers need added protection for log books, take 5 notebooks, diaries or other books? Are they in an industry that needs to carry notebooks, or sample books that suffer from a lot of wear and tear while they are on the road?

Create some branded book covers to help keep your business top of mind, while providing your customers with a functional solution they’ll appreciate.

Made from durable PVC, these book covers can be made to any size to fit one book, or to fit many books, keeping them together for easy access.

Custom printed with your logo or message, these heavy duty book covers will last a long time keeping your business top of mind with your customers for years to come.

Eamar Innovative Solutions has the design expertise to assist in creating the ideal solution for your requirements. And with local manufacturing facilities in Auckland, can support you with small or large runs and quick turnaround times.

Provide your customers with a functional and long-lasting protective book cover, while keeping your business in the forefront of their minds today. Contact us to discuss a design to suit you.



Features & benefits

  • Durable PVC covers provide protection from the weather and dirt.
  • Makes your notebooks last longer.
  • Any size to fit your specifications.
  • Custom print with your logo or message.
  • Great for Log Book Covers, Take 5 notebooks, Diaries, School books

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Product Enquiry