Tabs / Indices

Tabs / Indices

Need to organise your ringbinders so that the contents are easy to find? Or want to finish your presentation folder in a professional way?

Tab sets or Indices are the perfect way to do this.

Whether you need tab sets that are custom made, or a standard off-the-shelf option, Eamar can provide these.

Made from Polypropylene, PVC or card, we have options that are durable, shredder friendly, antimicrobial, sustainable, and food safe.

A variety of tab sizes, depths and colours are available, and your tabs can be drilled, collated and even inserted into your folders so they are ready to use.

Custom made tabs or indices can have any number of tabs and can be unprinted or pre-printed. If you are using these in a presentation folder, then we can print these tabs to align with your branding.

Standard “off-the-shelf” dividers are available in multi-colour or white, unprinted, or pre-printed sets (monthly tabs, alphabet tabs, or numeric tabs). These are particularly useful for professionals such as lawyers, accountants and for medical files.

Contact us to discuss how tabs/ indices could help you.


Features & benefits

  • Polypropylene, PVC or card substrates allow for the selection of the right material for you
  • Antimicrobial, sustainable and food safe options available
  • Custom made provides flexibility of the number of tabs
  • Custom print to promote your brand
  • Range of colours
  • Off-the-shelf options available immediately
  • Drilling, collating and inserting into folders is available so your folder is ready to be used

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