Healthcare has unique requirements

Over the 25 years Eamar Innovative Solutions has been manufacturing products for the Healthcare & Aged Care industry, we’ve come to understand that there are special requirements for the products that you use.

Hygiene is a number one priority, which makes the products we manufacture ideal for your challenging environment.

Our products are manufactured from Polypropylene or PVC. These materials are extremely hard wearing and easy to clean. Due to their non-porous nature, these materials can be quickly wiped down to prevent the transmission of bacteria, assisting you in providing a safe environment for your patients and residents. We also have antimicrobial materials available that will help provide protection from the growth of bacteria in between cleaning, and work in conjunction with your strict infection control procedures.

These materials can be reused time and time again, withstanding your stringent sanitisation processes and providing longevity. This makes these solutions extremely cost-effective and sustainable.

We also have food safe solutions available, which means the material is completely toxin-free, with no nasty additives or heavy metals.

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