Price ticket wallets / Product labels

Price ticket wallets / Product labels

Do you need a solution for your product information and POS price display?

Eamar Innovative Solutions have been working with retailers to help them find solutions for their unique requirements.

Custom made clear PVC pockets have been a great solution for industries that need to hang their price tickets from their products, such as furniture or lighting.

Made to fit your specific price tickets, these price ticket holders can have single or multiple pockets dependent on your requirements.

With encapsulated price tickets and product information for permanent items, or an open top to replace the insert, the PVC is easy to clean allowing you to re-use these holders time and time again.

If you’re hanging these off a product, we can pre-drill holes for cable ties and add eyelets for durability and strength.

And if you’d like to align it to your branding, you could consider a coloured backing, or keep it clear so that your price ticket and product information makes the statement.

If standard price tickets aren’t working and you’re looking for alternative solutions, contact us today to discuss your options.



Features & benefits

  • Custom made to fit your price tickets.
  • Single or multiple pockets.
  • Encapsulated or open top pockets.
  • Pre-drilled holes with eyelets for added strength.

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