Clear Pockets

Clear Pockets

Need a durable page to display something special inside your ringbinder?

A welded page is a sturdy insert with a clear pocket that will hold a variety of items.

Made from PVC or polypropylene, a welded page is extremely durable and very easy to clean giving you longevity and a cost-effective option.

Can be used in any environment including commercial kitchens or hospitals and a simple spray and wipe detergent will help bring these pages up like new.

We often see these welded pages used for signage, swatch holders, menus, room compendiums, sales tool kits, and business card holders, but don’t limit your thinking to just those. There are many more uses for them.

The clear pockets can be made to a custom size to perfectly fit what you want to display. If you want to add your brand colours, or just make an impact with colour then we can produce a coloured PVC backing. This product provides so many opportunities.

If you think clear pockets might be the right solution to your problem, get in touch with us.


Features & benefits

  • NZ Made
  • Hardwearing PVC substrate provides longevity.
  • Easy to clean
  • Antimicrobial, sustainable and food safe options available
  • Custom print to promote your brand
  • Self adhesive options
  • Range of colours
  • Custom-made solution for your product ensures a perfect fit

Product enquiry

Product Enquiry