Patient Folders

Patient Folders

We know that keeping your patients notes together and secure is important and that you have unique hygiene requirements that need to be met.

Eamar Innovative Solutions has experience working with hospitals and rest homes to provide them with a custom solution to meet their needs.

The materials that we use are extremely hard wearing and easy to clean. Due to their non-porous nature, these materials can be quickly wiped down to prevent the transmission of bacteria, assisting you in providing a safe environment for your patients and residents. We also have antimicrobial materials available that will help provide protection from the growth of bacteria in between cleaning, and work in conjunction with your strict infection control procedures.

These materials provide longevity, and with our robust manufacturing processes, such as extra stitching and reinforced spines, can be reused time and time again. This makes these solutions extremely cost-effective and sustainable.

Small or large runs, we can custom print these folders to your requirements. They can even be customised to a ward or a room.

Folders can include pockets for special requirements such as name tags, wrist band pockets, clipboards and tabs or indices to make information easy to find.

And if you find you want to add something later, then we can provide self-adhesive pockets which will allow you the flexibility to adapt your folders to your changing requirements.

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Features & benefits

  • Non-porous materials are easy to wipe down to prevent transmission of bacteria
  • Antimicrobial material helps provide protection between cleaning
  • Durable materials
  • Small or large runs
  • Customise to a ward or room
  • Add pockets for special requirements such as name tags, wrist bands
  • Clipboards, and tabs can be added

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