A warehouse environment requires a significant amount of organisation to prevent errors and ensure the safety of your team.

To make this super easy, Eamar Innovative Solutions has durable, hardwearing pallet and racking labels.

Eamar Innovative Solutions manufactures products from Polypropylene, PET and PVC that are hardwearing and durable and will help you to stay organised. These materials are also easy to clean and are completely recyclable.

Our experience in supplying pallet markers, pallet labelling, and racking labelling solutions, means we can provide standard products, or we can customise them for you. Whether it’s size, shape or colour, we’ll design a solution that will meet your needs.

Our standard pallet markers are made from recyclable polypropylene which is an ideal material for applying labels or writing on with a permanent marker. We also provide self-adhesive pockets with industrial adhesive for pallet racking labelling which allows you to change bin locations and stock descriptions quickly and easily.

If you’ve got any labelling issues in your warehouse, get in touch so that we can discuss a suitable solution for your needs.

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