Shelf Wobblers & Accessories

Shelf Wobblers & Accessories

We don’t always have a lot of space to promote our products, which makes a shelf wobbler or shelf talker an ideal solution.

These long lasting, cost-effective display solutions help your product stand out from shelves, grabbing the customer’s attention at the point of sale.

Eamar Innovative Solutions custom designs your wobblers to meet your needs. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, wobblers can be printed with your specific message and imagery. This makes them an ideal solution for a short-term promotional campaign, or to bring attention to your products for the long-term.

And if you are after a completely unique shape, we can create a die-cut specifically for you.

Made from high grade PVC or recyclable Polypropylene substrates, your wobblers will be extremely durable, easy to clean, and provide constant flex and wobble.

The Polypropylene substrate option also provides recyclable, antimicrobial and food safe properties.

And if a shelf wobbler isn’t quite right for you, Eamar Innovative Solutions can design a display accessory specific to your requirements.

If you’re after a durable solution to bring attention to your products, give us a call to discuss your custom shelf wobbler or other display accessories.



Features & benefits

  • Hardwearing substrate options provides durability and longevity.
  • Material is easy to clean.
  • Antimicrobial, sustainable and food safe options available.
  • Custom print to promote your brand.
  • Range of colours, shapes and sizes.

Product enquiry

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