Plastic Cards

Plastic cards

Plastic cards can be a powerful marketing tool to keep your organisation top of mind with your clients, or a practical security solution that provides access to your facilities.

Whether it be a card for loyalty, membership, gift cards, staff access keys, promotions or any other requirement, Eamar Innovative Solutions can manufacture these to your custom requirements.

Available in a credit card size, key tag size or a custom size and shape, Eamar Innovative Solutions will work with you to design the card that fits your purpose.

We can personalise the cards with variable data, such as names, photos, numbers, bar code, magnetic strip, scratch offs, embossing and signature panels. And custom printing allows you to brand your card in line with your business.

Made from PVC, PET or Polypropylene, we can supply materials that are environmentally sustainable and provide longevity and durability.

Why not combine the plastic card with a lanyard and lanyard pocket to provide a further branding opportunity for your business.

If you want to utilise plastic cards to keep your business top of mind with your clients, contact us today to discuss a design that would suit you.



Features & benefits

  • Memberships cards,Loyalty Cards, business cards
  • Material that provides longevity and durability
  • Environmentally sustainable options available
  • Personalise with variable data such as barcodes, names, photos etc
  • Can be hole or slot punched
  • Laminated PET, PVC, Polypropylene

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